1.1. Parties wanting to become members of Open Cities must submit a membership application form

1.2. Membership applications must be approved by Open Cities CEO.

1.3. More information may be requested to approve Membership and some applications may be deferred to the Board of Directors.

1.4. Members must comply with the Open Cities Code of Conduct.

1.5. Membership levels need to be approved by the CEO.



2.1 Open Cities will review membership fees levels from time to time.



3.1 Open Cities membership is open to organisations in decarbonised utility and mobility infrastructure and service sectors.

3.2 The Board has an absolute discretion to determine whether an applicant fits within a Membership category. Organisations will be accepted as:

3.2.1 Open City - Small: a city government with a population of less than 150,000 people

3.2.2 Open City - Large: a local Government with more than 150,000 population

3.2.3 Research and Emerging: research organisations and organisations with less than five employees.

3.2.4 Growing members Small organisations with less than $50M annual turnover.

3.2.5 Established members organisations with an annual turnover greater than $50M.

3.2.6 Not for Profit members peak associations or not for profits with an interest in catalyzing Next-Gen circular and zero carbon infrastructure and service solutions

3.3 Exceptions to these rules may exist depending on the level of contribution an organization can deliver.

3.4 Members are entitled to receive all membership benefits relevant to their membership category or otherwise determined by the CEO or Board.



4.1 Members must inform Open Cities of changes to turnover derived from their utility/mobility activities.

4.2 Open Cities may request membership upgrades that reflect a member’s growth

4.3 Members can request an upgrade if their business activities change.


5.1 Members are admitted once the CEO or Board approves their membership application and adds the member to the Members Register on the website.

5.2 Membership will not be approved until fees have been paid.

5.3 Membership fees pay for a 12-month membership and must be paid within 30 days of the invoice.

5.4 Members may choose to pay by direct debit monthly.

5.5 If membership fees are not paid in full within 60 days of the agreed membership fee invoice, a new membership application will need to be submitted for review unless exempted by the CEO.

5.6 If monthly Direct Debit payments are not paid on time or within the following 21 days a new membership application will need to be submitted and DD may not be accepted.

5.7 The CEO can from time to time exempt some members from paying fees.


6.1 Annual membership renewal fees will be invoiced 30 days prior to their annual expiration.

6.2 Membership benefits roll over into the next year.

6.3 If annual memberships are cancelled, a pro rata fee will be incurred for services up to the date notice is received by Open Cities.

6.4 Once payment is overdue – all rights and privileges of membership will cease until such time as fees are paid.



7.1 Memberships stop if:

7.1.1 A member resigns

7.1.2 Fails to pay membership fees (90 days after invoice for annual payments or 21 days for monthly DD payments)

7.1.3 An individual member dies

7.1.4 A member is unable to pay its debts as and when they are payable

7.1.5 The Board determines the member no longer satisfies Open Cities member qualification criteria.

7.2 Once Membership is cancelled the Members details will be moved from the online registry.

7.3 The Board cannot expel a member without:

7.3.1 Hearing from the member (written or verbal) as to why they should not be expelled

7.3.2 Providing written notice of their intention 30 days prior to expulsion

7.3.3 a two thirds majority in favour of the expulsion

7.4 Membership can be cancelled if a member:

7.4.1 breaches any clause in the Constitution

7.4.2 breaches the Code of Conduct

7.4.3 engages in conduct which in the reasonable opinion of directors is inappropriate or adverse to the interests of Open Cities, including: sexual harassment harassment discrimination financial misconduct


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