Our Code of Conduct is an ethical framework for our members, providing guidelines on how to conduct member business and other activities in a professional manner and with the highest level of integrity across their interactions with industry, Government, employers, suppliers and the community.


As a condition of membership, we expect the Code requirements will be complied with.


  1. Act in a way that enhances public confidence in the integrity of the sustainable utility and mobility market.

  2. Seek a social license to operate in the communities in which the business operates.

  3. Demonstrate commitment to best practice and continual improvement of the industry including participation in voluntary sustainability guidelines and accreditations.

  4. Compete fairly in the markets which the business operates.

  5. Conduct business in accordance with State laws.

  6. Ensure the highest standards of Work Health and Safety (WHS) and wellbeing of employees, customers, suppliers and communities.

  7. Aim to bring long-term benefits to the industry along with high business standards, and not short-term advantages for individuals.

  8. Support and co-operate with Open Cities to achieve its objectives.

  9. Demonstrate respect for people's diversity and cultural diversity while upholding human rights and equal pay.

  10. Not be involved in corrupt practices, bribery, discrimination, sexual harassment or improper behaviour.

  11. Not make representations on behalf of Open Cities to media, government, public or other.

  12. Act as an ambassador for industry at all times.


The Code of Conduct provides guiding principles for member businesses and organisations to uphold in their operations. It encourages members to act ethically, with respect and integrity to build trust between themselves and other parties.


Open Cities serves its members above all. And Open Cities members are all ambassadors of Open Cities.

Download Membership Code of Conduct