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Circular Economy

Open Cities supports circular economic frameworks because they value resource reuse and prosumer outcomes. 


The Circular Economy is now valued at 1.8 trillion Euros by 2030 in Europe alone (2.9 trillion AUD). Millions of people and tens of thousands of businesses are now participating in this high-tech innovative circular economic approach.


Rapid advancements in technology and innovation are propelling this economic transition, along with the obvious fact earth will run out of resources to meet the current needs of our growing human population – anticipated to exceed 9.8 billion by 2050. 


While leading and innovative Australian businesses are part of this transition - including Open Cities own members: Flow Systems; Go Get; Opticomm; Arup; Smart Commercial Solar; Integral Group to name a few - a lot more work needs to be done right now for us to secure our place in the global Circular Economy 2.0. 


Join the transition to a Circular Economy in Australia